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About Physio Med, Inc.

Our Rehabilitation practice is all about you, the patient. We will apply our abilities to your specific requirements. We will make sure you receive the best possible care available today all while making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed.

We have the experience and training to treat any pain problem or rehabilitation need you may have. We use hands-on treatment to re-establish correct joint and spinal alignment. We also utilize specific exercise programs to maintain flexibility and strength.

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Our goal is to supply the best available treatment for your rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy

Our licensed Physical Therapists provide customized individual treatment plans for patients who need to improve function, strength and/or range of motion. As a result of injury, surgery, accident, neurological disorders, and age related dysfunctions.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is for patients who need to regain their independence in order to allow them to live productive, satisfying lives while completing normal activities of daily living. It also addresses improving strength and reducing pain in neck and upper extremities.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a specialized field in Physical Therapy which involves the evaluation and treatment of Spinal and Orthopedic Dysfunctions. It involves gentle, controlled techniques that were developed to mobilize and isolate stiff joints and muscles while protecting joints that have excessive mobility. 

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